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“Weetaliba”Poll Hereford Stud Dispersal Sale

PA & JS Glover “Weetaliba” Orange Grove Rd Gunnedah NSW
Wednesday 18th November 11am Via  FarmGate Auctions

  •  Poll Hereford Cows & Calves (joined)
  •  Poll Hereford Heifers (joined)
  •  Poll Hereford yearling Bulls
  •  Poll Hereford 2-year-old Bulls

This sale represents total dispersal of Weetaliba Poll Hereford after 21 years of breeding.

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Cows & Calves

Lot 1 Weetaliba Marinda P26 & Heifer Calf R09                                                                                                                        

Lot 2 Weetaliba Kerry Maid P19 & Heifer Calf R05

Lot 3 Weetaliba Kerry Maid P17 & Bull Calf R15                                                           

Lot4 Weetaliba Kerry Maid P14 & Bull Calf R19                                                               

Lot 5 Weetaliba Butterfly P11 & Heifer Calf R07                                                              

Lot 6 Weetaliba Marinda P9 & Heifer Calf R03

Lot 7 Weetaliba Prudence P7 & Heifer Calf R02                                                               

Lot 8 Weetaliba Minnie P2 & Heifer Calf R21                                                                     

Lot 9 Weetaliba Marinda N42 & Bull Calf R18

Lot 10 Weetaliba Kerry Maid N13 & Heifer Calf R17                                                               

Lot 11 Weetaliba Kerry Maid N8 & Heifer Calf R24

Lot 12 Weetaliba Kerry Maid M34 & Bull Calf R26

Lot 13 Weetaliba Butterfly M18

Lot 14 Weetaliba Cherry Ripe M13 & Bull Calf R27

Lot 15 Weetaliba Marinda M12 & Heifer calf R06

Lot 16 Weetaliba Marinda L14 & HeiferCalf R11

Lot 17 Courallie V1 Prudence J510 & Bull Calf R16 

Lot 18 Weetaliba Kerry Maid J10 & Bull Calf R10

Lot 19 Weetaliba Cherry E38 & Bull Calf R20

Lot 20 Weetaliba Miranda N45 & Heifer Calf R30

Lot 21 Weetaliba Kerry Maid N17 & Heifer Calf R28

Lot 22 Weetaliba Cherry N16 & Bull Calf R32

Lot 23 Weetaliba Bisetta N2 & Bull calf R22

Lot 24 Weetaliba Minny M58 & Heifer Calf R29

Lot 25 Weetaliba Holiday M4 & Bull Calf R31

Lot 26 Weetaliba Cherry & Heifer Calf R08

Lot 27 Weetaliba Caterpillar P23 

Lot 28 Commercial P06

Joined Heifers

Lot 29 Weetaliba Caterpillar Q1

Lot 30 Weetaliba Caterpillar Q2

Lot 31 Weetaliba Kerry Maid Q3

Lot 32  Weetaliba Kerry Maid Q4

Lot 33 Weetaliba Marinda Q6

Lot 34 Weetaliba Butterfly Q10

Lot 35 Weetaliba Caterpillar Q12

Lot 36 Weetaliba Butterfly Q13

Lot 37 Weetaliba Marinda Q16

Lot 38 Weetaliba Cherry Ripe Q22

Lot 39 Weetaliba Marinda Q25

Lot 40 Weetaliba Cherry Ripe Q27

Lot 41 Weetaliba Holiday Q29

Lot 42 Weetaliba Princess Q31

Yearling Bulls

Lot 43 Weetaliba Quantum Q5

Lot 44 Weetaliba Quigley Q7

Lot 45 Weetaliba Quebec Q8

Lot 46 Weetaliba Quantify Q9

Lot 47 Weetaliba Quade Q11

Lot 48 Weetaliba Qantas Q14

Lot 49 Weetaliba Quarterback Q15

Lot 50 Weetaliba Quake Q17

Lot 51 Weetaliba Quart Q18

Lot 52 Weetaliba Quinn Q19

Lot 53 Weetaliba Quiz Q20

Lot 54 Weetaliba Quincey Q24

2 Year Old Bulls

Lot 55 Weetaliba Pivot P3

Lot 56 Weetaliba Pontiac P8

Lot 57 Weetaliba Paddy P10

***Please Note***

All GLON012 Calves and joinings should be treated as “Commercial” until DNA tests confirm parentage. This will be advised by sale day

Contact Tim Walsh for further details 0427 259 049